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miller's fresh produce market in hamilton, ohio

kevin, my husband and i would like to know if you have ever been to the MILLER'S fresh market in hamilton, ohio. there seems to be quite a lot of very tasty goods at this market and we were just wondering if the goods and furniture are of true amish carpentars or that it is just the 'idea' of such. if the items are what they say they are, then we will be doing some serious shopping in that particular area. please let me know since we went there with a friend and really enjoyed the visit.

beau for elizabeth

since elizabeth is entering the age where her 'running around years' are about to begin, does she have someone special with whom she would attend singings with of a church evening?

home schooling after 8th grade

i was wondering if any of the amish children are home schooled when they leave formal education as they know it. from reading verena's column that she wrote for her mother, it would be a real shame if the young woman couldn't further her writing skills into a 'career' so to speak. i feel this is an important issue that could be taken up in amish families, if allowed to do so.

wants to learn about amish culture

i am new to this area since i came from virginia and our newspaper was the richmond-times dispatch. i came from colonial heights,virginia in the early summer, starting to take the cincinnati enquirer about two weeks ago. i saw the amish cook last wedsnday and i really enjoyed it. thank you for letting me on your site.

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