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Wie geht's!

Ach, is it ever a kalt nacht here in Wisconsin! I have me a broken-star quilt (one of my favorite patterns!) wrapped around my legs as I sit at the computer and type this Blog entry. The buwe's (my cousin's Eli & Caleb) returned home from huntin' this evenin' quite discouraged as they had several bucks walk beneath their deer-stands and simply had to watch them wander by. We belong in a "earn-a-buck" area where the hunter has to first shoot a doe or fawn before shootin' a buck. Himmel! Es muacht them so bees! (It makes them so mad!). Caleb said a fawn was nibblin' at the bottom of his stand ;) Both the buwe's refuse to shoot a fawn or small doe, which I am ever so happy about! Caleb's friend Jacob fell out of his tree stand last yaahr and broke his right shoulder. It still hurts him somethin' awful at times so he no longer hunts with the buwe's. But worry not, I put Jacob to work for me this evenin' as I had plenty of leaves I needed burned! I dislike that particular job as I don't much like the smell it leaves on my clothin' for the remainder of the evenin'.

I've been helpin' my cousin's this week in the fields, helpin' to pick the corn. It sure was gut to have a rest today and not have to be in the fields from sunup to sundown. My wrists are thankful too, they hurt so much by evenin's end after spendin' so many hours pickin' corn. We have quite a ways to go still, but hopefully by next weeks end we will have it completed. Several of the local farmers come and help us out which is right nice of them and ever so appreciated.

I received an email this evenin' from a friend -- Mary Byler -- sure was gut to hear from her. Mary says she is doin' well and stayin' warm!

S'pose I should think about blowin' the lamps out! My cousin's give me such a hard time when I stay awake this late in the evenin -- say that's only possible because I don't do enough hard work durin' the day hours :)

Aus liebe,


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