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miller's fresh produce market in hamilton, ohio

i was looking around the other day and i saw a forum for miller's market somewhere in hamilton, ohio and now i don't see it anymore, what's the story? is it there or somewhere else?

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Enjoying the three day getaway in Lancaster, PA

I didn't have to work after Wednesday since I only have a part time job at the moment. My wife said in passing that since I didn't have to work the rest of the week that maybe we could go away for a few days. I perked up immediately. I knew that it meant Lancaster. We've been coming here(Lancaster)since we've been married at least once a year. You would think that we had enough with the tourist traps and trully it's awful but we enjoy the Amish/Menonite farms, the food, that farm fresh smell, seriously! I love the animals. And the weather is perfect! And it is great to see the school children on the road to the little school houses and the buggies going by with the clickty clack of their hooves as they go by. Tomorrow we leave and just in time. The crowds are coming to our little paradise! But for now it's good to get away from our lives.

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A look at the Hutterites- Video

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Amish people on fire for Jesus recommend The Amish Cook book on their best reads list

This is not the norm.  Amish people don't go out "witnessing to lost souls".  Frankly they are not recruiting outsiders into thier Amish faith.  However, this group is not your typical Amish group.  They appear to live and dress Amish but have experienced salvation and a deep personal relationship with Christ.  Here is a little about them.  Also, they recommend The Amish Cook At Home on their reads list.  Check it out....


Living Hope Ministries-

Currently we (Jake's family & Steve's family) are living in motorhomes traveling to different communities across America. Our message is forgiveness and restoring hope in the lives of families and individuals.

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Do the Amish work harder than the rest of us?

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