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Note From A Reader

Frankly I am just beside myself, wondering if the column will continue running, if Kevin and especially his parents are going to keep their homes, if there will be any more cookbooks that are of the quality that I have already purchased and read and love. 

Shame on you if you are sending hateful emails about the pleas, shame on you if you are running to Lovina to tell her any gossip you think you might know and do not; shame on you if you do not delete any emails from Kevin that you do not think are appropriate and no longer want to receive.   Lovina and her family have let us into their lives on their terms and not ours.  That is the way it should be, and that is the way it is. 

Do not want to participate, go packing and go some where else.   

Frankly, the man has been up-front and personal, and in these days of deceit that speaks for a lot.

I had ordered a set of books while on a trip to Hawaii to visit and take care of my grandchildren while their daddy and mom were on trips for the Air Force.  After numerous calls and emails to him, he realized the problem and sent me a new set of books.  He stands by his word...and shame on those of you that are just part of the issues he is having to face everyday.  I do not have the extra money to sign up for the new videos, I do not have the money to give everytime there is an expression of need from him, but he stands by his word and should be given that. 


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