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ABOUT THE AMISH COOK, Elizabeth Coblentz

Elizabeth Coblentz hand-writes The Amish Cook newspaper column from her rural Northern Indiana homestead. Elizabeth is Old Order Amish, living without electricity and plumbing and traveling by horse-drawn buggy. Elizabeth and husband Ben, married in 1956, have raised eight children - Amos, Leah, Albert, Liz, Verena, Lovina, Emma, and Susan - on their 100-plus acre farm. In her weekly column, Elizabeth shares snippets of her faith and family-filled life. Elizabeth's columns are like a letter from a life-long friend each week as she shares, in a warm, homespun-style, stories about her day to day activities. From uplifting writing about her daughter's wedding to heart-breakers about the sudden death of a grandchild, readers share Elizabeth's ups and downs with her. The Amish Cook column is a window into a world that has all but disappeared from our increasingly noisy society. Elizabeth's life is a place of simplicity, tranquility, and community. The Amish represent one of the last vestiges of the more agrarian, simpler society we once were.

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