It was a sunny summer day on some rural Indiana road when I stumbled upon a small, wooden hand-painted sign along the road: “Sweet Corn, name your price for a dozen.”   The thought of yellow, tender butter-slathered corn-on-the-cob steaming on my dinner table that evening was too much to resist.   So I pulled into the driveway of this white clapboard farmhouse in search of my corny quarry.   I found a folding table filled with neatly stacked stalks of corn, plastic grocery bags, a metal cash box, and a sign that said “Honor System.”   That was so Midwestern, so wholesome, such a throw-back to another era. I pulled out a $5 and loaded a dozen stalks of fresh Indiana corn into my car.  I had thought about offering “The Amish Cook” column on this website as a set subscription., but I want to avoid that.   On the other hand, my work on this site, on the newspaper column, on everything “Amish Cook” is not free.    In the spirit of that Indiana farmhouse peddling honor-system corn, I will offer a paid subscription to "The Amish Cook" column.  While you can sometimes find The Amish Cook column online on newspaper sites, often the columns are old and edited. This is the only way you can get the most current Amish Cook in its unedited, purest form. The most current column will be emailed to you every Monday morning. There is no set price for your subscription. Click the link below and pay whatever you think a year's worth of the subscription is valued. Your subscription will begin on the next Monday morning and continue for one year. - Kevin Williams, Editor.

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