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Amish in the News

17 Mar. 2004

Opposition grows to CBS "Amish reality show." Click here for details.

11 Mar. 2004

A newspaper columnist in Chicago dryly noted in response to this story that "our seaports are wide open, but we've got those Amish terror cells on the run." Read this dopey story about a once-again well-intentioned government rule gone amok. To read click here.


19 Feb. 2004

Read about winter in one of the nation's coldest Amish communities: Harmony, Minnesota. Click here to read.

1 Feb. 2004

Amish scholars cast doubts on CBS/UPN reality show. Click here for details.

30 Jan. 2004

Law easing labor rules for Amish youth about to be passed, hailed as a way to help preserve Amish culture. Click here to read.


22 Jan 2004

CBS/UPN proposes reality series based on Amish teenagers. Read about rumspringa.


14 Jan 2004

Want to be thin? It's easy, a new study reports: just get rid of modern conveniences like cars and anything else powered by gasoline or electricity.

Read about the study.

24 Dec. 2003

Amish Christmas customs vary from community to community. Some places barely acknowledge the holiday, while others hold a special service and exchange gifts. To read about how the Amish in Lancaster County, PA celebrate Christmas, read this article.



9 Nov. 2003

A classic case of the bittersweet relationship the Old Order Amish share with modern medicine is illustrated in this current case from Pennsylvania.


30 Sept. 2003

Another Amish-Church state clash. This time over septic tank systems in Michigan.

29 Sept. 2003

A summer of blackouts and Hurricane Isabel outages didn't impact the electricity-avoiding Amish.


18 Sept 2003

Amish buggies are not immune to the advances of modern technology in the name of safety. Read about it at Amish buggies.

10 Sept 2003

Kalona, Iowa

2 Sept. 2003

Beachy Amish.

27 Aug. 2003

Amish Church-State clashes.

25 Aug. 2003

Even more about Kalona.

12 Aug. 2003

Swiss visit.

18Jun2003 - Amish Denied Exemption From Horse Rule

18Feb2003 - Townships now have power to make licensing laws to benefit road budgets

10Feb2003 - Pennsylvania Amish Complain About Zoning Laws

28Jan2003 - Amish Group Plans To Settle In Jefferson County, Iowa

21Jan2003 - Amish Move Barn by Hand

15Jan2003 - Lantern Fire Kills Amish Family

4Dec2002 - Fire Kills Amish Children

19Nov2002 - Amish Bishop Arrested...



CBS STUPIDITY, PART II: Scroll down a bit to read about CBS's dopey and disrespectful idea for a TV reality series about Amish youth. Many readers have asked me about whom to contact to voice their opposition to the CBS series. An organization has now formed to let CBS know that this TV show should be a no-go. Go to Ruralreality.org to register your displeasure.

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The Amish Cook Moving to Michigan, click here to read editor's essay.

Updated 3-17-04: March is marching by. It's hard to believe the month is half gone. If it's always so hard to believe how fast time goes, that means there must have been a time when time crawled. Time crawls in youth. Summers sprawl before us like an endless carpet of swimming pools, melting ice cream cones, and blinking lightning bugs. Those summers a dozen years ago when I first met The Amish Cook were among the last for me that seemed so slow. The tart tangy smell of fresh rhubarb growing in The Amish Cook's garden will always be my symbol of summer timelessness. Now time speeds like an ever-spinning, never stopping carousel. It was with these memories in mind that I visited Lovina one last time before the family moves to Michigan. It was a wonderful visit, just like old times. And I know the move to Michigan is a new beginning, not an end. I'll write more about my visit to Lovina's and more thoughts on the move in the coming days. In the meantime, I want to share some of your thoughts and questions (and my answers), so click here to read what others are saying. As always, thanks! - Kevin Williams, editor ([email protected])


Attention cookbook collectors!

10-Year Anniversary Edition:  It was 10 years ago that Elizabeth Coblentz and I published our first book, the very plain, original "Amish Cook Cookbook."

While we have the much more beautiful "Recipes & Recollections" book out now by Ten Speed Press, many have requested copies of our first endeavor, filled with simple stories, recipes, and pencil artwork by Amish artist Alan Wickey. Copies of this first book are real scarce, to my amazement, this book is being sold on Half.com for $95! I do have several cartons of the books available, which will be sold on a first come, first serve basis for $28. For more information and to order, click here. You can also order the book by calling

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Enjoy! - Kevin Williams, Editor



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CBS has demonstrated it's stupidity and insensitivity by proposing a reality TV series called about Amish teenagers going through a period known as "rumspringa." Look in the "Amish in the News" section to the left to read about the series. I rarely use this site as a soapbox, but the Amish aren't a curiosity or novelty, they're a genuine culture with a rich historical tradition. Somehow deliberately exposing a group of Amish teenagers to technological temptations seems very disrespectful and devoid of entertainment or educational value. I would urge CBS/UPN to rethink this stupid show. What are your thoughts? - Kevin Williams, Editor ([email protected])

Reader thoughts:

I feel this show would be a horrible excuse for a T.V. show. I just can't understand why people don't leave things well enough alone. The Amish are among the last decent people in America. Why would anyone want to invade their privacy? Can't we just have one thing in America that is not ainted? It's bad enough that they have to deal with idiots who go visit the Amish country and have no respect for them now. I can only imagine what damage this show can do for the Amish in the future. Our children our messed up due to these reality shows as it is and now they want to ruin the pure and rich culture of the Amish. This is one household that will not be watching.

Elizabeth - Delaware


I think a reality show about the Amish teenagers would be
intrusive to their privacy, but if the Amish agree to it, that is their
right!! -
Carole, NW Kansas


Be it the Amish's right or not, it is our right not to watch or glorify this show in any way.   The "Reality" theme has gone too far.   I, personally, thought it went to far with "Survivor II."   I have e-mailed CBS and I urge others to do the same questioning their reason for being intrusive.   I'm sure there are other shows that

they could come up with that have much better taste.   Don't you?

Robin Indiana





There will be many dramatic changes in the Eicher househould this spring and summer. Watch this space over the coming months for updates and insights. Share any thoughts you have with me about how Lovina is doing with the column and stay tuned, this site will now been updated much more frequently with your favorite recipes, stories, and Amish information!

Kevin Williams


[email protected]

Buy a copy of "The Amish Cook: Recipes & Recollections From An Old Order Amish Family" at Amazon.com



The most powerful symbol of Amish culture is, perhaps, the horse-drawn buggy.    With this single symbol, the Amish are making their statement of separateness from the modern world.   Amish buggies may differ from community to community but they are united in their importance as a symbol of separation. To read more about buggies, click buggy



Click above at "Recipe of the Week" for weekly favorites from The Amish Cook's kitchen. One recipe, though, that is a favorite week in and week out in Lovina's busy kitchen is homemade macaroni salad. As we head into the picnic season, this is a really enjoyable light summer salad. It's one of my favorite macaroni salads, with just the right blend of sweetness and crunchiness. Try it! - Kevin Williams, editor


3 cups cooked macaroni

3 eggs, boiled

1 /2 cup carrots

3 /4 cup celery

1 cup salad dressing

1 /4 cup sugar

2 teaspoons mustard

salt and pepper to suit taste

Stir and toss. Ready to serve. Delicious!





A visit to an Amish community can be a serene sojourn into another century.  At least for awhile, you can forget about the chaos and cacophony of computers, cars, and cellphones.  Visiting the Amish isn't much different than exploring any other culture: it can be an adventure, but you want to approach it with genuine respect.  I've met few Amish who wouldn't engage in a friendly chat with an outsider who approaches them with respect and sincerity. Don't behave as if they're an exhibit in a zoo.  The Amish have become more welcoming of outsiders as the economic impact from tourism has become more important with farming declining as a mainstay among the Amish.

Over the coming months, I'll be profiling some of my favorite Amish communities. I've visited most of the major ones and many of the minor ones. Each place is distinct and different with its own unique characteristics and quirks.

Click here to read about my first favorite, Adams County, Ohio



About the Amish Cook

Elizabeth Coblentz was the original Amish Cook. She penned the newspaper column from 1991 through 2002. She charmed audiences with her simple wisdom, easy recipes and loving accounts of life on her Indiana farm. Elizabeths column grew from one paper in 1991 to over 100 at the time of her death. Her daughter, Lovina, now writes "The Amish Cook" column. Elizabeths love and words live on through Lovinas pen.

About Lovina Eicher

Lovina Eicher (pronounced Luh-Vine-Uh EYE-Ker) is one of eight children to Elizabeth and Ben Coblentz. Lovina inherits The Amish Cook column from her mother. Lovina is married to her husband, Joe. Theyve been married since 1994. As of October 2002, Lovina and Joe are the parents of six children: Elizabeth, Susan, Verena, Benjamin, Loretta, and baby Joseph. Each week, Lovina in much the same way her mother did for over 10 years shares snippets of her life as a traditional Amish mother. Lovinas column is seen in over 100 newspapers. For more about Lovina, click here.

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