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Welcome to the Amish Cook Shoppe! Here you will find a selection of some of the very best products that reflect the ideals of the Amish lifestyle. Please browse around and come back often since products are always being added! Below are descriptions of each product line. Most orders take up to one week to fill.




So many have written asking about when Elizabeth's next cookbook will be out. Her next cookbook, a much more elegant production than the first one, is due out soon.


An Amish Christmas is a compilation of holiday recipes and essays by Elizabeth and her daughters about Christmas in the Coblentz household. This 40 page booklet features 50 favorite festive recipes not found in Elizabeth's 1994 cookbook. These recipes include favorite Halloween cookies, mouth-melting Thanksgiving stuffing, and homemade gingerbread. Elizabeth's daughters: Susan, Verena, Emma, Leah, Liz, and Lovina each share their favorite holiday memories.


Families are busy making plans for their holiday gatherings. All kinds of baking and candy-making takes place. The rustle of packages and the appearance of presents increases the excitement of children, and even adults, at gatherings. I like to make a homemade cheese ball for gatherings. I will share that recipe. - Verena Coblentz.


Dried beef (two packages)
Cream cheese (3 eight ounce packages)
Onions, chopped

Chop up the dried beef and mix with cream cheese. Add onions to your taste 
and sprinkle in salt. Form into ball. Serve with crackers.

   NOTE: Please allow 6 TO 8 weeks for delivery of this item.

So many people have written, called, and emailed over the past 5 years about Elizabeth's original cookbook, entitled "The Amish Cook Cookbook." I think part of the appeal of that book was its charm. The book was self-published by yours truly and written by Elizabeth. It is a 192-page book crammed with recipes and cultural stories. It's not the world's most polished book. A New York book publisher gently called it an "honest" book. (There are some errors in the index and it's just not the fanciest publication you'll ever find!)

The original cookbook went out of print in 1996. We had some back copies to offer, but we could only fulfill orders for a limited time. More cookbooks are being manufactured as a ring-bound, labor-intensive reprint of the 1994 original Amish Cook Cookbook. These books are printed and hand-bound on a made to order basis. Each book is taken to Elizabeth by her editor, Kevin Williams, for her to sign. These books sell for $29.95 and are being offered again for a limited time.

Today, Elizabeth's column is in a much larger number of newspapers and the demand for a cookbook from her has grown. So in the Spring of 2001, there will be a new cookbook by Elizabeth in bookstores. This one will be professionally published and a very wonderful, colorful book crammed with culture, recipes, and vignettes. A very fine publishing company called Ten Speed Press ( is producing the book. They've won numerous awards for their work and are doing Elizabeth's book justice. Elizabeth, despite her rough year, continues to work hard on the book. Stay tuned for more details.