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EXTENDED TO DEC. 31: A Charming Little Cookbook: An Amish Christmas.....

I am excited to begin offering a cookbook today that really is a sentimental one.  "An Amish Christmas" is the very, very first Amish Cook cookbook published.  The late Elizabeth Coblentz and I wrote this book way back in 1992.  There are very, very few copies of the original book left.  A 2001 ten year anniversary reprint is in the Grant County, Kentucky public library and I have heard from a woman in Eaton, Ohio who does still have one of those originals.   The original version was only 40 pages. This version of "An Amish Christmas" is 95 pages and includes almost all of the original book, but has been updated to incorporate and include Lovina and her children.  This book - true to the original - is a bit smaller in size, which makes it a great gift from situs slot qris 10k.  The book's dimensions are 6 X 9, whereas our other books have been 8.5 X 11.   The book is full of great Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's recipes, along with writing from Elizabeth Coblentz, Lovina, and the children.   There was no preordering on this book, there will be no backlisting, etc.  Order today, it ships today.  This will be on sale through Dec. 22 with free shipping on two or more copies.  To order click here. DUE TO DEMAND, YOU CAN NOW ORDER THIS BOOK THROUGH DEC 22 and receive by Christmas.   If you take the "free shipping" option you won't receive the book before Christmas, if you choose the add $5 shipping option you'll receive the book on Dec. 24 if you order up until noon on Dec. 22

And if you just want to say "heck with all the above instructions" and order directly from, that is fine, tooSmile, just click here to do that.

Editor's Adventures Discussion: Beeville, Texas

This is the discussion thread for the video just released today of my visit to the Beeville, Texas Amish settlement.  Amish Cook Editor's Adventures subscribers should have video in their email. The full video is 8 minutes in length but you can get a 1 minute free "taste" of the video by clicking here.   If you would like to subscribe to the Editor's Adventures series, click here for more information.  So, subscribers, what did you think of this Amish settlement?

More Icy Berne Buggies...

These are some more recent winter images of Berne, Indiana brought to us by photographer Dave Shaner. Thank you again for sharing these with us, Dave!  These photos are similar to one I posted from Dave the other day, but a few different observations:

The top photo is a favorite of mine because it really gives perspective of just how bone-rattling cold a buggy ride in an uncovered carriage could be.  Just look at the open fields they are traversing.  Can you imagine a howling north wind sailing across that field, numbing your bones and shaking your buggy?  That photo to me just says COLD!

The second photo is neat because it shows three people traveling together in an open buggy.  Again, no one really bundled up here, so we have some very hardy folks!  I'm a cold weather wimp, so I wouldn't make a very good open-buggy Amish.  Note the closed canvas type cover in the back.  That does serve as a type of a "car trunk" to store goods in, perhaps they are transporting a casserole or some dishes.  Instead of balancing them on your lap or putting them on the buggy floor during the ride, they can be stowed securely in that "trunk" area.

Berne Buggy.....

Dave Shaner was nice enough to share some more photos taken in eastern Indiana's Amish settlements. I'll be posting a few more over the days head.  This photo brings back a lot of memories for me because, as many of you know, I've spent a lot of time in the Berne, Indiana area over the years.  Amish communities in and around Berne - true to their Swiss roots - generally use open buggies for travel, although I am seeing some anecdotal evidence that the tradition is beginning to fade. Some covered buggies can now be seen in the area.  But most still stick with the open buggies. Words can't describe how bone-rattling cold a ride in an open buggy on a freezing winter's day is.  What is fascinating about this photo of a lone male traveling down a quiet country road is that he really isn't all that bundled up, is he?  He's wearing what looks like just a light jacket, not a bulky winter coat or a blanket.  He does have an umbrella to shield him from the biting breeze, but that only goes so far.

Taking the Cake....

Okay, another photo from situs slot bet 100 recent visit to Lovina's.  This is a picture of 13-year-old Verena's birthday cake, which was enjoyed by the Eicher family on Friday.  Lovina thought the day should be extra special since Verena has been through so much this year.  Doesn't this cake look delicious!?

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